Google Analytics Integration

Make better development decisions based on visitor behavior and statistics

Is your website reaching its full potential? You’ve got a better chance of setting yourself up for success if you can understand how visitors are engaging on your site. We’ll help you set up Google Analytics to ensure you’re tracking your website performance properly.

Improve your website traffic with Google Analytics integration by Winnona Partners

Google Analytics for Websites and Web Apps

A fact-based approach to improving your website structure and flow

Effective web development is a mix of psychology and data science. Thinking from the perspective of your customers or clients is crucial, but without the proper tracking to measure performance, your development decisions are largely based on conjecture.

Get me set up with Google Analytics
Winnona Partners can set up Google Analytics with Path Analysis for mobile apps and user tracking

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

Amazing tools to visualize your user’s journey through your app

We’ll help you leverage the Google Analytics path analysis tool so you can better understand how users are navigating and interacting with your app.

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