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Finally there's an exceptional team dedicated to helping your business grow with superior technology solutions–all at an affordable rate.

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Transforming your business isn’t a task that should be taken lightly. At the same time, technological change is happening faster than ever in all industry sectors. In today’s hyper competitive environment, you have to adapt quickly while maintaining a focused approach to ensure you don’t get left in the dust!

Whether you want to increase profitability, improve analytics, or streamline your workflow, we’re here to help you leverage technology to become the best at what you do. Are you ready?


Elegant Web Design and Strategic App Development in Atlanta

For over seven years, our team has implemented expert strategies and delivered high-quality software that has topped the App Store rankings, improved online conversions, and increased sales for small businesses. For others, we’ve helped completely transform the way their business operates with robust custom CRM development. Whether you need to integrate existing technology to your system, automate your existing process, or create something totally new, we'll apply the best approach to successfully transform your business in a matter of months.

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1. Conceptualize

Conceptualize your goals for building a new business or improving an already existing business. What problem is your business solving? How can we help you do it better than anyone else?

2. Discover

Discover strategies for your intended customer base through a series of milestones. Our resources and consultations can help you validate your ideas to determine the best tech approach to fit your needs, making you more competitive in your industry.


3. Build

Build custom, innovative technology that is easy to use. Developing high-end tech that aligns with your business strategy and gets results is our top priority.

4. Scale

Scale your project during and after the customer discovery, product build, and monetization stages of development. Whether your goal is to make money by generating more sales, or to save time by automating your workload, we’re here to help you succeed.

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"Winnona Partners brought my vision to life when they helped create my BODIED app. They were on schedule, professional, and delivered results!"
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Jenelle Salazar Butler,
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"The Winnona Partners team has helped me bring several projects to life and totally transformed the tech side of my business. They helped me automate a lot of my manual process and day to day operations, and now I have more time for my clients and actually growing my business. Seriously, these guys rock!"
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Christopher Marti,
Rebate Haus